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MG Wing Gundam Zero Custom (Endless Waltz ver)


The hands are awful. The guns droop down because the hands lack the ability to grip the handles. Aim them down, aim them up, do the twin buster rifle pose but do not try to aim them parallel to the ground. The polycap to wing connections are weak. This causes causes the big wings to sag down over time. The polycap design has grooves on them which are supposed give a ratcheting effect but are entirely too small resulting in a loss of friction this drooping wings. The lower wings are light enough so this isn't a problem. Tighten up all polycap connections in the wing binders just to be safe. As for the hands, pose them to offset the awful design of the hands, borrow an used pair that fits or invest in new 1/100 hands. This is a pretty barebones model so that justifies the price point. It's great that a stand its included.
Date Added: 05/11/2015 by Robert Cummings
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