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HG Hi Nu Gundam Vrabe


This was my first grade HG 1/144 model as I am 1/00 or MG exclusive and I was actually letdown by this purchase. First things first, paint this model. It will look plain and boring, unless you copy how the professionals have it depicted on the box and the manual. A straight build of this kit will leave it lackluster at best despite its interesting redesign. HG builders probably know paint is almost a must. If you've built the Hi Nu, the gin needs to be masked and painted as well. Secondly, weight issues. The funnels and the swords combined with the weak ankles, shoddy waist "joint" and high heel design of the feet make this model unstable. Get an action base. Trust me. Articulation is surprisingly good however the head and hip joints are lacking. No neck joint... Also, tighten up all the joints with glue or paint. Nitpicks: Images show gray parts like the RGs on the swords, skirts, and vents on the shoulders; all painted. Only one beam effect part for the swords. Sad. Visually, it's a great redesign of the Hi Nu. If you want this model to stack up, stiffen up the joints, paint everything except the metallic grey on the knees and wrist and do yourself a favor and buy an action base. Unfortunately this model inherited the original HG Hi Nu problems. It's cool looking enough right out of the box.
Date Added: 06/25/2015 by Robert Cummings
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