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MG Gundam Exia Dark Matter


I'll jump straight to the cons with this kit since it has been trying my patience. The swords are in the cheap "chrome" finish. The Dark Matter blades and the swords lock together in a way that is reliant on overlapping tabbed pieces together and are prone to snapping if you're not careful. If you have an action base, use it for this kit. Stiffening the ankles might help. The balance seems off with its slightly heel like foot design. It's worked for other Gundams before so I don't understand where they went wrong with Exia. It is so back heavy. Because it is back heavy, the backpack dislodges from the GN Drive hole in the back. It is a joke how easily it detaches and takes some inner frame with it. Might as well super glue it. The diagrams weren't in the best angles, sometimes which led to minor frustration here and there. The pro is that it looks like you can swap parts out and make a different version of Exia like I did. I chose to paint this into Amazing Exia colors but they have leg parts for regular Exia and I think Repair 3? There are a LOT of parts leftover. Other than the abundance of parts, this kit is decent. It would get 4 stars but there are way too many problems for my liking. I'd buy another for a custom paint job.
Date Added: 07/15/2016 by Robert Cummings
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