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Robot Spirits / Damashii Wing Gundam Zero TV ver


To date, the best Damashii figure I own. It's scale is almost perfect: nothing looks too big or too small. The color scheme is true to the TV version of the Zero Gundam with nice blend of grey on white on the skirt, legs and wings to break up the stark contrast of white paint. The vents on the legs and skirt have a cool silver touch, and the shoulder plate retro-thrusters are gold (as they should be).

There are only a few minor negatives. Zero's shoulder do break open like the real thing, but only so his shoulder thrusters can come through. In the show, this was where the beam sabers were stored. Due to size limitations, I don't see how this could have been done anyways. But there is no place for Zero to hold onto the sabers while not in hand. It's the same for the Wing Vulcan's on his shoulders. they don't flip up into the vulcan cannons, but merely have to the be pulled off and and put the cannons on. Again, a space limitation.

All of those are out weighed by the scope of awesomeness that the rest of the suit gives. The back wings open into 4 wings that show the 2 large vernery thrusters that gave the Wing Zero it's amazing power. The feet and backpack itself also hold 2 of these.
The Buster Rifle is 100% to scope. The kit comes with many pairs of hands, one of which is actually 2 hands put together in a double hand grip for holding the Buster Rifle in 2 handed form. The beam sabers are thick and bright green (same mold as the Tallgeese III saber) and the hands hold onto them flawlessly.

If you're an old fan of the Wing Series and have been waiting 15 years for a sweet rendition of your favorite mobile suits (like me) the Damashii line of Wing Zero suits is the only way to go. This is an amazing figurine. Get one. You'll thank me later.
Date Added: 09/15/2012 by Sam Bailey
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