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MG Re-GZ Custom (Reservation, Price TBD)

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  • Model: GEX0268
  • Manufactured by: Bandai

***This item is currently for reservation only. Pricing is not yet set and to be determined at the time of shipment. The estimated arrival date is listed below. ***

Expected date: 9 August 2019

The more Gundam looking Re-GZ: Re-GZ Custom! Made with Amuro Ray as the designated pilot, this Gundam didn't appear in the series due to the completion of the more powerful Nu Gundam. Comes with assault beam rifle, shield, and hyper beam sabers. It retains the transformability as well for extra mobility. A nice unit for those who loves the Char's Counterattack era MSV, own one today!

This product will be in stock on Friday 09 August, 2019.

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