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MG Aile Strike Gundam ver HD Remaster


Looking at the Strike Noir from 2004, the improvements are noticeable immediately. Armor separation, sleeker head mold and feet articulation are the biggest changes. Less noticeable are the smaller details in the armor like the cut outs but they look so good nonetheless. I feel with this kit they tried too hard to make it as cutting edge as they did at the time. Any mistake you made while building gets punished severely. The ankle armor and side skirt construction were unnecessarily tedious for no reason. Some of the diagrams in the Aile Striker pack were vague as well. Also, the lack of articulation at the waist shocked me the most. Why was it so limited? If you're thinking of combining this to make the Perfect Strike HD, glue the back skirts in, build up the waist joint and ankle joints and put it on the stand. So, really, I give this kit a 3.75/5. Okay build, average fun, lack of articulation, and unneeded meticulous assembly at some portions kills it for me.
Date Added: 06/05/2015 by Robert Cummings
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