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HGUC Zogok (Unicorn ver)


The Zogok is a great kit for people who've been waiting since the late 80's for the MS to be properly animated after its lackluster appearance in Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ.
Some cons of the kit do exist. There is only one hilt for the two Heat Sword variants, with the clear orange blade being molded in clear plastic instead of translucent orange. Articulation is also quite limited, barely achieving 90 degrees in the elbows and knees; the torso is also incredibly restricted due to the plastic piping present in the back, which prevents turning completely. Finally, the clear piece covering the mono-eye is incredibly loose out of the box, so thickening of the sides is necessary.
However, the kit also has plenty of positives. The Sturm Fausts look great and store neatly in the back without issue. The hands can hold just about any MS Weapon without a trigger guard, and the overall construction of the kit is incredibly solid and sturdy, barely feeling like an empty HGUC kit.
While it is slightly pricey for a HGUC with such a simple design, it is definitely one of the most fun kits I've put together in a long time, and is definitely recommended.
Date Added: 03/11/2016 by Yao Liu
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